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Kimara House of Hope

Parents participating in HoH development activities - 11.07.2023

At the House of Hope, parents collaborate with staff by participating in cleaning and farming activities. This means involving parents in various activities at the Houses of Hope and, in the process, helping them get rid of the feeling of loneliness, depression, but also to learn life skills by leaving with various skills including modern agriculture, animal husbandry and useful entrepreneurship skills.

Visit from Hubert Kairuki University - 03.2023

The House of Hope was humbled by a wonderful students’ visit from Hubert Kairuki University, Dar es Salaam. Parents and children were delighted and welcomed their guests with open arms. The students brought with them a generous donation of daily necessities for the children. The students also, among other exciting activities, provided entertainment for the children and their parents.

Official Inauguration of the House of Hope - 20.03.2023

Kimara House of Hope, under ASBAHT’s management, was officially inaugurated on March 2023. Child-Help Tanzania’s team was present and humbled to join forces with the Guest of Honor, Ubungo District Office representatives on this inauguration.

HoH team attending a SBH Education and Awareness Seminar hosted by ASBAHT - 16.01.2023

Parents present at House of Hope Kimara together with the HoH team have participated in a SBH educational and awareness seminar organized by ASBAHT. A few other SBH stakeholders were present.

A visit from Mirakel Foundation - 11.01.2023

Mirakel Foundation is a SBH stakeholder who’s mission is to empower people with Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida in Tanzania by supporting healthcare, education, employment and social sectors. Mirakel foundation has visited Kimara in many occasions and has donated necessities for the House of hope, and is a strong advocate for the SBH community.

Visit from President of Child-Help International, Mr. Pierre Mertens - 10.2022

Ongoing Training and Follow-up activites by ASBAHT's team - 21.11.21

ASBAHT, Kimara HoH’s management, regularly endeavour in organizational activities like monitoring the progress of children at schools and at home, education and training of Continence management, parental challenges, helping to solve challenges at schools and all areas of social services for children with severe Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida.