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For a child growing up in poverty with spina bifida or hydrocephalus, your support makes a huge difference. Your donation means medical equipment or an operation. This significantly improves the quality of life and gives the child a future.

€20 = = 1 year of continence material

Give a child continence materials for a year.

This is essential in the follow-up of children with spina bifida. This way, they are dry and infection-free and can have a real social life by going to school and playing with friends.

€47 = = 1 shunt

Donate a shunt needed for life-saving surgery.

The shunt is a fairly simple implant, needed to drain excess cerebrospinal fluid into the abdominal cavity. €47 is unaffordable in countries where simple farmers often earn less than €1 a day.

€120 = 1 operation

Help a child receive surgery

The surgeon uses an endoscope to make an opening in one of the ventricles of the brain, allowing the cerebrospinal fluid to leave and enter the bloodstream.

Donate to Child-Help

It is practically impossible to start life for children with spina bifida or hydrocephalus living in the South.

Support them – for everyone has the right to a humane existence.

Help children to have a worthwhile life.


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