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National CIC Workshop, House of Hope Kitongo, Mwanza – 14-23.06.2023

CHT held a productive Continence Management training workshop at the House of Hope Kitongo, Mwanza which lasted for 10 days. Participants from various related fields of work attended the workshop:
  • Medical professionals (urologist, nurses, trainers, pediatricians, etc) from various medical centers including Bugando Medical Center-Mwanza, Haydom Lutheran Hospital-Manyara, KCMC-Moshi, and Muhimbili Orthopedic Institute-Dar es Salaam, and Germany.
  • Child-Help International President Mr. Pierre Mertens and Programs Director Mrs. Janet Manoni.
  • Child-Help Tanzania Executive Director Mr. Hakim Bayakub and Regional Officer (medical materials management) Mr. Luya Suya.
  • Community organizations: MWADETA representatives (Mwanangu Development Tanzania) and ASBAHT representatives (Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Tanzania)
  • House of Hope representatives and parents with SBH children
This program involved various CIC related training sessions:
  • Occupational Therapy sessions
  • CIC medical materials and SHIP passports distribution to parents
  • Continence management; theoretical and practical sessions ( Clean Intermittent Catheterization and Bowel Washout)
  • Parent interviews
  • Children medical checkups including Ultrasound
  • Consultations and medication