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A testimony of Early Treatment

A mother shares her testimony of how early treatment gave her daughter a healthy normal life.
Esther Milimo lives in Dar es Salaam and is a mother to a girl who was born with Hydrocephalus. Esther shares her story of how early treatment helped her daughter live a normal healthy life free of complications.
My child was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. Before finding out that she had Hydrocephalus, i noticed that the top of her head feels squishy, and lacks a pulse. I immediately consulted a doctor upon noticing these signs. I was then referred to MOI Hospital and my daughter underwent successful shunt placement surgery when she was just a month old. Today, she is thriving. You wouldn’t even realize she once had that issue when you see her. I am grateful to the MOI team for their care and would like to encourage parents to monitor their children early for any signs of concern. Early detection and treatment can prevent long-term complications and disabilities.” Says Esther.
CHT works closely with the Neurosurgery department at MOI Hospital and donates shunts for Hydrocephalus cases. CHT also advocates for early treatment and encourages parents to rush their children to the Hospital for medical attention. Late treatment leads to disabilities and severe complications.
Also the CHT director , Mr. Hakim commented: “I urge leaders of parent associations to educate and encourage parents on their responsibility to ensure early treatment for their children, even in the face of financial challenges. While donors are available to assist with this cause, they too have limitations. As a parent of a disabled child, I understand the challenges that come with providing necessary care. Nevertheless, I urge my fellow parents to make an effort to rush their children to health-care centers that are dedicated to helping them in order to prevent persistent issues that arise from late treatment.” says CHT’s Director.
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*Video Credit: MOI
*Translation/subtitles: CHT