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Child Help’s visit to Bugando Regional Referral Hospital, Mwanza


While attending the Continence Management training workshop at House of Hope Kitongo, Child-Help Tanzania took the opportunity to visit their partners, Bugando Regional Referral Hospital. Together with Child-Help International, they had the honor of meeting with Dr. Fabian A. Massaga, the Hospital’s Director. In Mwanza, CHT works closely with Bugando Hospital by donating surgical equipment (e.g.; shunts, ETV machine) for children with Spina bifida and Hydrocephalus that are awaiting surgery or treatment while in good care at the Kitongo and Nyegezi Houses of Hope.

Among other kindhearted intentions, the main purpose of this visit was to explore the special healthcare facilities for children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, and services provided in order to understand areas, within CHT’s scope of work, that could benefit from further support and improvements. Optimistically, both parties agree that there is still room for improvement, and will strengthen their cooperation towards a better healthcare system.

During an interview with Timesmajira, an independent newspaper, Dr. Gerald Mayaya, a neurosurgeon at Bugando, had this to say: “A large number of children that we receive are mostly from Tabora, Bihalamuro, Kigoma and Musoma, but the largest number is from Mwanza. The current challenge we face is receiving many parents who cannot afford to care for these children, most of them being single moms who have been abandoned.”

The Director, Dr. Fabian A. Massaga, thanked the visitors from Child Help for visiting Bugando Hospital and continuing to cooperate for treatment of these children. “This is an implementation of the Government’s request to collaborate with foreign countries in terms of health (medical tourism).” said Dr. Massaga.