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Female Reporters from Mwanza Press Club (MPC) visit Mwanangu House of Hope, Mwanza


MWADETA’s cooperation with Local Stakeholders for Advocacy and Awareness on the ever existing SBH Community.

On International Women’s Day, Mwanza Press Club (MPC) visited Mwanangu House of Hope. The visit involved spending time with the children and their parents, listening to their challenges and spreading awareness about these children, and donating necessities for the House of Hope. The house of Hope, especially the mothers, benefited greatly from this visit of female news reporters because of their influence in social exposure and empowerment. 

During an interview with Judith Ferdinand from Timesmajira, an independent newspaper, the manager at MWADETA’s House of Hope, Getruda Butondo, explained that the center receives children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus along with their parents while they are receiving medical care at Bugando Regional Referral Hospital. The current challenge is that they receive many parents who do not have the ability to care for their children with that condition, considering that most of these parents are single moms who have been abandoned by their partners.

Also, Dr. Gerald Mayaya, a neurosurgeon at Bugando Hospital had this to say; “A large number of children that we receive are mostly from Tabora, Bihalamuro, Kigoma and Musoma, but the largest number is from Mwanza. The current challenge we face is receiving many parents who cannot afford to care for these children, most of them being single moms who have been abandoned.”

“On a daily basis, we receive approximately one to two children, inclusive of those who have undergone surgery and experienced complications. Previously, we used to admit children who are already grown up, but now if you pass by our ward you will find children under the age of 6 months. This shows that people have gained knowledge and understanding on this issue and have recognized the importance of sending their children to the hospital early.” said Dr. Mayaya.

This center was founded in 2017, initially accommodating approximately 60 people, including parents and their children, and around 600 children annually. Over the years, there has been a substantial increase in the number children, primarily due to heightened awareness and education. Consequently, mothers who give birth to children with certain conditions are no longer hiding them.” said Getruda. She also explains that, as an organization, MWADETA takes responsibility to help the children receive treatment, as well as accommodation for the mothers who need a place to sleep, a temporary home while the children receive treatment at Bugando hospital.