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Kitongo Village Water Well Project by Desk and Chair Foundation resolves water issues at Kitongo HoH.

One of the key goals set by Kitongo HoH for a sustainable home was ensuring a consistent and dependable water supply. Previously, Kitongo HoH had to purchase water that was sourced from the lake, which was both unsafe and unreliable. The objective was to invest in a water system that could offer safe and dependable water for all activities within the home. After implementing the Water Well Project in KitongoSima village, the Desk and Chair Foundation extended their support by constructing a pipeline from the well and installing storage tanks for Kitongo HoH.

“We faced a significant water crisis where purchasing water was neither safe nor dependable. Thanks to the water project, we now have access to safe drinking water. Besides drinking, we will utilize it for watering our garden. Engaged in permaculture, we advocate for earth care, people care, and future care. Our cultivation includes food crops and fruit trees, all made possible by the generous donation from Mr. Sibtain through the Desk and Chair Foundation.” said Sifa, Child-Help’s information and Communication Officer.

During the official opening of this water well project, Desk and Chair Foundation brought with them generous donations for the home and children