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CHT requests Endorsement Letter Tree Planting Fundraiser – 12.2023

CHT requests Endorsement Letter to facilitate the Tree Planting Fundraiser Campaign’s execution – December 2023

Upon proposing the campaign titled ‘Plant a tree to Pay Health insurance for infants with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus’, CHT submitted a request to the Dar es Salaam City Council for an Indorsement letter to facilitate the campaign’s Implementation.

CHT succeeded to obtain the endorsement letter and received quite a positive reaction from the Environmental Management Officer, Theresia Dennis; “The City Council appreciates and recognizes your efforts to implement the proposed campaign title ’Plant a Tree to Pay for Health Insurance to support children and adults with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus’. The Council has identified schools, health centers, wards, and streets with the amount of trees that can be planted in each facility in order to implement the intended campaign…”

The Environmental Management located Chanika Ward, zone number 7, and listed 9 schools, 11 areas around the ward, and 1 health center, all of which require a total of 2170 trees. Prior to the campaign’s implementation, CHT will arrange meetings with heads of selected schools and health centers to discuss the aim of this project and request permission to utilize their compounds for tree planting.

The Environmental Management offered their assistance to the the extent of identifying and preparing a list of specific areas for planting trees that would highly benefit from this campaign. CHT hopes for a continued cooperation as this is only the beginning of future endeavors.