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Donations - 01.04.2024

Thank you to @The Desk and Chair Foundation, @Together we can, @Mwana Hardware Mwanza and @Bejaal-a friend of House of Hope, who have donated food and other basic neccessities. We are great For your donation.

Kitongo HoH Team's visit to Bugando Hospital for Awareness and Training - Nov, 2023

Kitongo House of Hope visited parents at Bugando Medical Centre to provide awareness and education about Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida.

Van donation from Child-Help Germany - Sept, 2023

During the parents’ stay at House of Hope Kitongo, Child-Help Tanzania’s team makes sure that the children receive timely care and treatment. They provide transport to the designated health center…..

House of Hope Kitongo and the road towards Sustainability - 2023

Income Generating Activities (IGA) set a new course for Kitongo’s Sustainability and Youth Empowerment.

At the House of Hope, as part of their learning and development activities, The CHT team practices mixed farming. They employ smart, yet affordable ways to raise livestock and apply permaculture to create a self-sufficient and sustainable agricultural ecosystem……

In loving memory of Sylvanus Tumsime (08.02.2016 - 14.06.2023)

Sad news for Kitongo House of Hope. In loving memory of Sylvanus Tumsime ( born 08.02.2016 – Died 14.06.2023). Child-Help Tanzania and friends give our sincere condolences to the parents and House of Hope care-givers. May his soul rest in peace….

Visit from Young Life Charity Foundation - 26th April, 2023

Donations from a students charity foundation named Young Life

Visit from WF-AID - 15 April, 2023

On their visit at Kitongo House of Hope, WF-AID generously donated Mattresses, mosquito nets, bedsheets and other In-kind donations worth…..

Visit from IFM College Students - April, 2023

Donations from Institute of Financial Management (IFM) Students Charity Organization

Kitongo's Permaculture practice - Mar, 2023

As part of their learning and development activities, parents together with the CHT team join their expertise on farming and gardening activities. This interaction between parents and the CHT team is socially and economically beneficial…..

Visit from Desk and Chair Foundation - Feb, 2023

….Desk and Chair Foundation also distributed assistive devicesto children at the House of Hope Kitongo. These included corner seats, walking frames, crutches, neck braces and Ankle Foot Orthosis shoes….

House of Hope official Inauguration - 13th Nov, 2022

Official opening of the House of Hope Kitongo,  attended by President of Child-Help International, Mr. Pierre Mertens, Child-Help Tanzania team, and guest of Honor, Annao Mbao, the Administrative Officer at Magu District representing the District Officer.

Donations from CHI - May, 2022

Child-Help International donated clothes and shoes to mothers and children at the House Hope in Kitongo….

House of Hope Project Construction, Mwanza (Oct 2020 - Jan 2021)

The first step towards implementing the House of Hope Project. A new transit home based in Mwanza for parents coming from rural areas for treatment at Bugando Medical Center.