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Visit from Desk and Chair Foundation – Feb, 2023

Desk and Chair Foundation is a charitable trust that provides Tanzanian communities with access to clean water, clean sanitation, desks and chairs for schools, aids in mobility, food aid, dignity with supporting families during burials, financial, medical and vocational education support for needy families . TDCF’s mission is to provide localized support to smaller communities, so as to make a massive and substantial impact to their lives. TDCF paid 12,000,000 Tzs to Bugando Regional Referral Hospital to cover medical bills for children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus who failed to pay hospital charges. They also distributed assistive devices worth 6,640,000 Tzs to children at the House of Hope Kitongo. These included corner seats, walking frames, crutches, neck braces and Ankle Foot Orthosis shoes.