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Neuro-rehabilitation Program at the House of Hope – 21-26.06.2023

The House of Hope with support from NED Foundation and their experts, organized a Physiotherapy and Neuro-rehabilitation program. Dr. Maria, a neuropsychologist along with her colleague Nancy led the neuro-rehabilitation program which involved cognitive stimulation along with physiotherapy evaluation.

Day 1: Neurorehabitilation program with Dr Maria who is a neuropsychologist, along with her colleague Nancy led a Cognitive stimulation along with physiotherapy evaluation program. Four children with spinal bifida and hydrocephalus were present.

Day 2: Cognitive stimulation physiotherapy evaluation session. A total of 10 children attended the program.

Day 3: Of the 12 children who attended the rehabilitation session, 10 children had Hydrocephalus and one child had Cerebral palsy

Day 4:

Day 5: Session of neurorehabilitation and occupational therapy for 12 children led by  the neuropsychologist team from NED Foundation.

Day 6:Today’s session included teenagers. A total number of 13 children attended