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Zanzibar House of Hope

Neuro-rehabilitation Program at the House of Hope - 23-31.08.2023

The House of hope Zanzibar Was blessed to have yet another neuro- rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation program with several children. The program started from 23rd August to 31st. This is an ongoing project established by Ned Foundation….

Neuro-rehabilitation Program at the House of Hope - 21-26.06.2023

The House of Hope with support from NED Foundation and their experts, organized a Physiotherapy and Neuro-rehabilitation program. Dr. Maria, a neuropsychologist along with her colleague Nancy led the neuro-rehabilitation program which involved cognitive stimulation along with physiotherapy evaluation. On day 1….

Visit from NED Foundation to organize a Physiotherapy Program - 12.2022

NED Foundation offers a comprehensive support to the most vulnerable patients through temporary housing programs, pediatric physiotherapy, child neuro-rehabilitation, prevention and health education in Zanzibar….

Visit from Mirakel Foundation and Nuru Foundation - 27.10.2022

Chairperson of Mirakel Foundation Mrs @tausiih accompanied by the First Lady of the Vice President of Zanzibar and chairperson of @nurufoundationzanzibar Mrs @zainabkomboshaib on a visit to the House of Hope, mwanakerekwe. They donated necessities for the children and their parents.

Visit from Nuru Foundation's Chairperson, the First Lady of Zanzibar's Vice President - 14.09.2020

A highly appreciated visit from the Chairperson of Nuru Foundation, Mama Zainab Kombo, who is also the wife of the Vise President of Zanzibar. She generously donated rice and diapers.