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Continence Management

For a child affected by incontinence, Continence Management training is a crucial factor for their physical, mental, and social well-being. CHT collaborates with partners to organize workshops that involve training on bladder draining, medically known as Clean Intermittent Catheterization, and bowel washout.

When someone is incontinent, they are unable to control their bladder and/or bowel movement. This negatively impacts the person’s quality of life. It can affect a person’s general well-being and socially isolate them due to embarrassment. The person therefore depends on continence care, meaning assistance with bladder and/or bowel function. We work tirelessly to guide and coach children and their parents through scheduled trainings and regular follow-ups to make sure these children receive the necessary care for a healthy hygiene. This training is important for people who have Spina Bifida and experience incontinence. It helps them stay dry, protects them from wounds, urinary tract infections and kidney diseases.

Incontinence has financial implications due to the cost of continence aid. It adds a significant burden on the family and care givers. This is where Child-Help Tanzania intervenes, by offering financial, professional and moral support.

Continence management training workshops are important to CHT data collection, as they help in statistical survey of relevant data that should help plan a structured follow-up of these children from different regions.


CIC workshop, House of Hope Kitongo and Nyegezi, Mwanza - 10-11.2023

Feedback from Hidaya’s CIC workshop experience at Mwanza.

The CIC training took place in Mwanza region and lasted from October to November 2023. During the training, Hidaya, CHT’s CIC training coordinator, managed to reach 37 children form Mwanza, Tabora, Shinyanga, Geita and Mara. The training was held at Houses of Hope kitongo and Nyegezi. According to Hidaya’s continence management report,the…..

Training Workshops hosted by Kitongo House of Hope throughout 2023

Some of the achievements from House of Hope Kitongo included hosting continence management training workshops for several parent groups who pass through the transit home.  Reports show that….

A Guideline to Continence Management Training - 2023

In light of recent experiences, Hidaya, our Continence Management and Follow-up Coordinator in collaboration with the CHT team, prepared a booklet that provides guidance for continence management training. This resource will aid….

CIC Workshop by HSBCOZanzibar, Pemba - 24-25.09.2023

The Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Zanzibar (HSBCOZanzibar) hosted a two day CIC workshop in Gombani, Pemba. The House of Hope Zanzibar team along with HSBCOZanzibar and the parents participated in this workshop.

CIC Workshop by ASBAHT Women's Department, House of Hope Kimara - 08.08.2023

ASBAHT women’s department, Dar Es Salaam branch in collaboration with the House of Hope Kimara, finally succeeded in implementing its educational program for Continence Management. The program was well received by parents, while thanking Child Help stakeholders who facilitate access to medical equipment, admitting that they have continued to benefit greatly from this program which has brought great results and success in the health and development of children as some of them have now been accepted by schools and the community as well.

CIC Workshop by ASBAHT, Tanga - 01.08.2023

The ASBAHT branch in Tanga region successfully hosted a meeting of parents and children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus held at Bombo Regional Referral Hospital in Tanga region. The leadership invited various leaders and stakeholders including Tanga’s Social Welfare Officer in order to listen to challenges that the parents face, and implement ways to help them. Along with the meeting, ASBAHT also hosted a Continence Management Training session especially for children with Spina Bifida. During the meeting, ASBAHT leaders brought up a mother over 55 years old with spina Bifida, where she gave a very serious testimony and led the leaders and members to realize the extent of responsibility they have to care for these children in their development and well-being.

CIC Workshop by ASBAHT, Kilimanjaro - 30.07.2023

ASBAHT Kilimanjaro Branch hosted a meeting for parents and stakeholders. After the meeting activities, a practical seminar on continence management was hosted for all parents, in collaboration with health professionals from KCMC Moshi Referral hospital on July, 2023.

National CIC Workshop, House of Hope Kitongo, Mwanza - 14-23.06.2023

CHT hosted a productive Continence Management training Workshop that took place in Kitongo House of Hope, Mwanza. The workshop lasted for 10 days. We had the honor of welcoming participants from various related fields of work; Medical professionals (urologist, nurses, trainers, pediatricians, etc) from various medical centers including Bugando Med…..

CIC Workshop at House of Hope Zanzibar - 14-15.06.2023

The House of Hope hosted a CIC and bowel wash out training for children living with Spinal Bifida. The training lasted for two days, where parents learned about the importance of CIC and Bowel Washout, and consequences of not performing continence management as instructed. Like all CIC workshops, this training involved adequate practical sessions.

CIC Workshop at House of Hope Zanzibar - 03.2023

CIC Workshop at The House of Hope Zanzibar, coordinated by @hsbcozanzibar , the House of Hope’s representatives / Management team.

CIC Workshop by ASBAHT Women's Department, Matumaini Primary School, Dar es Salaam - 22.11.2021

ASBAHT Women’s Department visited Matumaini Primary School and hosted a Continence Management training seminar to school leaders and caregivers of children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus who attend the school. The seminar involved SBH awareness and practical lessons. In addition to this, the school leadership asked ASBAHT to consider making this a ongoing program to build more capacity on Continence Management.

CIC Workshop, CHT Dar es Salaam - 27-30.05.2020

Child-Help Tanzania in collaboration with MWADETA, ASBAHT and MOI held a Continence management training from 27th to 30th May, 2020. The purpose was to train parents on Continence management skills. After 3 successful days ,out of 7 parents/children present, 3 male children with SBH, 1 female and their parents had received adequate training in Clean Intermittent Catheterization and Bowel Washout. The information collected was later used for follow-up purposes.